Our services

Our design and manufacturing services are led by a multi-discipline
team that can champion your products from ideas to market.

A Strategic Product Life Cycle

Strategic product development is about turning ideas into viable products that meet customer demand.  At Memjet D+M, this begins at the ideation stage of product innovation. From the early development to the launch and continued production of your product, we help you embark on a successful product journey.


Developing innovative concepts is more than envisaging a new technology. Our R&D team investigates if new products can have a demonstratable commercial impact. 


Our strategic product design team seeks to enhance end-user experience and reduce production costs to maximise competitive advantage for our partners.  


Prototypes can do more than test technical feasibility. This stage of the innovation journey can attract funding, by evidencing a solution to unmet needs at a viable cost.   


Real world testing is an essential part of the product life cycle. Memjet D+M’s product reliability and compliance testing provides partners with commercial validation. 


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities help partners scale production with high- quality, sophisticated products that turn concepts into commercial success.


The Memjet D+M innovation process helps partners scale product adoption rates with user-centric design and manufacturing. The goal is to capture marketshare.

A seamless approach to innovation

Delivering full-service adds value

Product innovations take more than great ideas. An array of sophisticated services needs to be aligned to commercialise new concepts. This is where we come in. Our multi-discipline team can take ideas from infancy to market. We’ve built a world-class design and manufacturing facility that is powered by exceptional expertise. The outcome is high-quality design and manufacturing solutions.

We approach product development with an entrepreneurial mindset across all services. Our services include:

  • Research and development
  • Product design
  • Bespoke equipment design
  • Manufacturing services

Research and development

MemjetD+M In-house Intellectual Property Team

Our partners gain access to world-class research and development (R&D) services. Our R&D facility focuses on performance-based solutions, ensuring new product designs have a demonstratable commercial impact. This fit-for-purpose approach delivers optimised product designs that adhere to safety standards and exceed market expectations.

Memjet D+M combines the experience and expertise of its multidisciplinary team with cutting-edge equipment and infrastructure to deliver unparalleled R&D services. Our expertise spans concept development, viability studies, process development, competitive analysis, intellectual property and prototype design and testing.


MemjetD+M In-house Intellectual Property Team
Memjet Chemistry Laboratory

Product Design

Memjet Chemistry Laboratory

When it comes to product design, Memjet D+M delivers. Our team has experience designing technology that was previously considered unfeasible. For us, being part of our clients’ journeys and success stories is what it is about. 

Memjet D+M focuses its product design capabilities on technology, Defence and commercial products and parts. Our industrial design specialists deliver a world-class product development service that includes project management, product design, hardware and software development, regulatory compliance and prototype testing. 

Our product design team seeks to enhance end-user experience and reduce production costs to maximise competitive advantage for our partners.   

Being a full service provider means your intellectual property stays in-house, from design to delivery. This can be vital with highly classified products or in competitive, fast-moving markets.

Bespoke equipment design

Precision Tool Making at MemjetD+M

Memjet D+M’s equipment design service helps our partners solve complex engineering challenges in-house to decrease time-to-market. This lean manufacturing approach provides our clients with custom designed and built engineering solutions.

Our engineers can produce precision tools and equipment to suit each stage of the product life cycle. This in-house capability supports fast modifications and minimised disruption to the production process. The result is value creation.


Precision Tool Making at MemjetD+M
Memjet Chemistry Laboratory

Manufacturing services

Memjet Chemistry Laboratory

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities help partners scale the production of high-quality, sophisticated products. We turn concepts into commercial success.

Memjet D+M makes globally competitive manufacturing possible with the use of its advanced automation capabilities. Our investment in automation saves you time and money.

This infrastructure is put to work by our process engineers who have proven expertise in high volume manufacturing. We engineer processes that account for material interactions and manufacturing complexities to deliver high quality, cost-effective products.

Smarter, faster, higher-quality manufacturing supports your success. 

Sensors Solutions

Precision Tool Making at MemjetD+M

Memjet D+M designs and manufactures powerful sensor solutions that provide partners with commercially viable sensors for selective analyte detection and environmental monitoring. Our advanced biotech and MEMS capability leads to the development of powerful analytical devices that apply biological sensing to a wide range of applications.

By combining core sensor functionality with custom-built IoT technology, we deliver sophisticated data and communications systems alongside precision detection. 


Precision Tool Making at MemjetD+M
Memjet Chemistry Laboratory

Memjet Chemistry Laboratory


Memjet D+M’s manufacturing capability is bolstered by certified cleanrooms that enable us to meet high cleanliness requirements and reduce particles in the production environment.

Our dedicated cleanrooms provide a dust-free production environment with precision temperature and humidity controls. By maintaining a low level of airborne particles, we can carry out micro and nano-scale processes that are free from contamination.

What can Memjet D+M do for you?

Are you looking for a value-add partner to provide full support throughout the innovation journey? We can help. 

Memjet is the global leader in providing digital inkjet technology that enables beautiful precision, simplicity and affordability.

Leveraging this advanced manufacturing capability for its partners, Memjet D+M is shaping the future of innovation with ingenuity, precision and value.


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