Collaborative Manufacturing

A shared innovation journey leads to product development success.

Our collaborative manufacturing centres

Memjet D+M provides innovators with access to a collaborative manufacturing ecosystem that removes barriers to entry and provides faster times to market. This collaborative approach enables our partners to take on projects that may not have been feasible on their own.

We have established collaborative manufacturing centres that provide advanced manufacturing services and are supported by supply chain management operations. By managing the supply needs of numerous partner projects, we give customers access to volume-based supply prices.

Modern Manufacturing Facililties in Australia
Memjet Chemistry Laboratory
Memjet Chemistry Laboratory

Infrastructure investment

Memjet has invested more than $130 million into the development of automated and configurable production lines. What we have developed is a global manufacturing execution system that overcomes barriers to new product design and manufacture. Sophisticated manufacturing automation is now accessible to product designers and innovators, giving our partners an edge. 

An automated

assembly line

Our manufacturing centres house a line of configurable production cells ready to be programmed for our clients. Each cell houses a configurable robot that can perform single or multiple actions. Product assembly begins without the need to develop a custom assembly line. Instead, this automated assembly line uses custom software to alter the tasks the robot performs for each product.

Modern Manufacturing Facililties in Australia
Memjet Chemistry Laboratory

Lowering the cost of development

Memjet Chemistry Laboratory

 Our collaborative manufacturing centres lower the cost of entry to automated manufacturing. The model gives innovators a ‘time-share’ in the engineering and technical expertise of people and the automated manufacturing infrastructure in our facilities. Product designers pay for their manufacturing time, not infrastructure investment costs or the ongoing labour costs involved in employing the right people.

Mitigate risk with Collaboration

The bridge between innovation, product development and scaling volumes can attach significant risk. From difficulties developing the manufacturing process to prohibitive development costs, inexperienced staff, commercial sensitivities and slow times-to-market, production risks can significantly alter product feasibility.

Memjet D+M’s collaborative manufacturing centres can mitigate this risk, driving more innovations to commercial success. Highly trained engineers with extensive experience configuring production cells run our innovation centres. Developing new manufacturing processes and programming robots to perform new tasks is fast, reducing time-to-market and lowering costs.

Modern Manufacturing Facililties in Australia

What can Memjet D+M do for you?

Are you looking for a value-add partner to provide full support throughout the innovation journey? We can help. 

Memjet is the global leader in providing digital inkjet technology that enables beautiful precision, simplicity and affordability.

Leveraging this advanced manufacturing capability for its partners, Memjet D+M is shaping the future of innovation with ingenuity, precision and value.


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